The harmonious synthesis of color, form and exposure. The pursuit and presentation of the natural wonder of our planet. The promotion, continued stewardship and conservation of the natural world.

Since being given his first camera by his grandfather at an early age Bill has held a strong fascination in capturing the beauty of our natural world. In his travels across the American west he strives to find the rawest beauty in our panoramas and wildlife and reproduce this beauty so the viewer may know what he experienced on location.

Influenced by photographers Tom Mangelsen and Tony sweet, Bill's work remains heavily nature and wildlife but he may include a variety of subjects if the light is right.

Chasing light and landscapes has taken Bill around the world yet his favorite subject remains the american west.

Bill resides in the american southwest.

Technical: Bill photographs with a Canon 1 DS, 1DS Mark II, lenses range from 14mm to 600mm using Singh Ray filters. For panoramic shots the Fuji GX 617 with lenses ranging from 90mm to 300mm, in the large format arena, K.B. Canham 4x5 and Mark VI 8x10 cameras with Schneider, Fuji and Rodenstock lenses ranging from 65mm to 500mm. Film Is Fuji Velvia and Kodak E100VS, all slides are scanned with a high resolution Howtek 4500 drum scanner, prints are gicle'e pigment, printed with archival papers.

Music credits:Tibet Part II by Mark 'sham; 12:18 by Global Communication; On the Forest Floor by Bob Holroyd;To Tree Or Not To Tree by Dean Evenson; Riding Windhorse by Heavenly Music Cor oration:Caruso b Chris Botti.